Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Free fiction and a chance to cavort with me and some lovely ladies?

Want free fiction? Want a chance to chat with me and some fans and friends in a private little online group? What about occasional prizes or swag, or the chance to see my work before anyone else in the world does?

Then come along and join my new and improved Street Team.

Nearly a year ago I formed the LETHAL OBSESSION Street Team for two main purposes. First, of course, was to help me get the word out about my debut novel, LETHAL OBSESSION, and later to help me with the sequel, HELPLESS.

Second, it became a chance for me to interact, on a somewhat more personal basis, with a few fans of my work, and to make a few friends. There are some great ladies in the group, people who have supported and encouraged me, and who helped me spread the word about my work.

In the latter part of 2013 I ended up with an impromptu hiatus, both from writing and working with the street team (details here and then a follow-up here if you want to see what happened). Thankfully, I'm back writing up a storm now and have a release schedule now for the third part of the Lethal Obsession Trilogy (March 11), as well as tentative release dates for additional works featuring some of the characters from Lethal Obsession (May and July) as well as an entirely new novel series I'll be starting in April, featuring the fictional character Deborah Tompkins, a small-time radio news director who finds herself in the middle of a murder investigation.

I also plan to have a collection of shortish tales that combine horror and erotica later in the year, as October approaches.

More details on all of that as the coming weeks unfold, but all totaled I'm looking at perhaps six novels or novel-length collections coming out in 2014.

For now, though, I'm looking to build a new Street Team, to get to know more fans and to get help in spreading the word about my work as it's released.

Thus I'm turning to you, dear reader, asking if you'd like to join the Shandra Miller Street Team?

What's in it for you?

Plenty of free fiction -- you all will get free copies of my new work, in some cases weeks before its released to the public. You can even have input into my fiction as a beta reader, or as I ask questions along the way while I'm writing. Heck, you might even get to name some of my characters!

You'll also get the chance to interact with some great people -- the ladies on my street team now are wonderful, helpful, and funny.

Third, I can't promise what form this might take (I'm on a tight budget at present), but along the way during 2014 I may have some chances at a few prizes for street team members, or some Shandra Miller swag that you'll all get for free.

Fourth, for those members who are writers, I'll do everything I can to help spread the word of your work -- tweet for you, share posts on Facebook, let you guest blog here on Shandra's Shadow World, whatever we can come up with!

And fifth, you get a chance to help little ol me -- and believe me, I can use all the help I can get. :)

Did I also mention plenty of FREE FICTION?

What does being on the Street Team mean for you? What am I asking in return?

Not a lot, actually. I will ask for beta readers occasionally as I work on my stories. I'll ask you all to help with retweeting some if you have a Twitter account, and for help sharing posts on Facebook -- not a lot, I don't want you to feel like you're spamming your friends with promos of my work. I'll also ask that as you read my work (remember, it's FREE for Street Team members) you leave reviews at Amazon, Goodreads, Smashwords, and Barnes  and Noble (don't worry, you can leave the same review at each place, so it's just copying and pasting).

And I might occasionally ask for advice or help in finding websites and blogs that might do reviews or promos of my work.

That's about it!

So, plenty of FREE FICTION, an opportunity to meet and get to know some great folks, a chance to help little old me get my writing into the hands of readers, and maybe even some prizes and swag!

What's not to like?

If you want to join my Street Team just click anywhere you see Street Team, that'll take you to the group on FB, then ask to join. Or send me a note and I'll sent an invitation.

Most of all, I want you to have some fun while helping me spread the word about my fiction.

Thanks for stopping by, and I'm looking forward to hearing from you.


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