Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Some Scary, Steamy, Sensual Ghostly Erotic Tales For Your Reading (And Other) Pleasure

The calendar is flipping to October, with the cool chill of autumn in the air, the time when ghosts and ghouls and goblins take center stage.

So what about those hot, torrid, sensual days of summer?

Well, I can't do much about the fading summer weather, but I've got a collection that'll give you chills of Halloween combined with some of the steamiest, sweatiest, blood-pumping eroticism around -- kinda like hot flashes, but in a good way.

An arousing way.

Hardcore Paranormal Erotica: Ravaged by Ghosts, Vampires, and Halloween Visitors is a collection of five lurid, sensual, ghostly tales of sex with those from another realm. Imagine what it would be like to be taken by unseen hands, kissed by invisible lips, ravished by those who have superhuman abilities, including the skill to bring the deepest, most sensational feelings of desire and arousal from inside you.

Well, you don't have to imagine it -- I've put together the stories for you. In Hardcore Paranormal Erotica, you'll find these tales:

Ghostly Gangbang: Taken in the Haunted Brothel House is a tale of two college coeds taking a sorority dare – spend a night in former Brothel House, supposedly haunted by the spirits of prostitutes and johns tragically killed sixty years earlier. They take the dare, and soon find those long-lost women and men are waiting, with sexual cravings six decades in the making.

In Supernatural Sex: I was Gangbanged by the Spirits, Linda gets the best of both worlds Рa session of bondage play and sex with her husband, then during a s̩ance she finds herself nude and floating in the air, surrounded by her friends and hubby, all of whom watch as untold numbers of spirits have their way with her, caressing, kissing, going deep into every orifice they can find, driving Linda insane with arousal and sensations she didn't know were possible.

In Gangbanged by the Ghosts (A Paranormal, Reluctant Group Sex Tale) Elena visits a popular haunted house with her boyfriend, and hundreds of other people all willing to stand in line for hours for a chance to be scared witless. The haunted show is set up in a former mental institution, shuttered decades earlier after too many strange incidents reported by both residents and staff. Elena learns there are stories of spirits there, ghosts with hungry, insatiable sexual appetites. And while everyone else there doesn't seem to see anything out of the ordinary, Elena finds she is the dish the spirits decide can satisfy their hunger – only to find they awaken a sexual craving inside her she never knew existed.

In Hard Halloween Sex: Taken by the Masked Man, Deborah finds herself alone late on Halloween night, all of the trick-or-treating kids having retired for the evening, her candy dish nearly empty and her energy for the day gone. Just before heading to bed, she hears the doorbell. She answers the door to find a mysterious masked stranger. Though she knows better, Deborah finds herself enthralled by his appearance, stepping aside, letting him in, where he strips her nude and has his way with her, drawing from her body the deepest, most intense sense of arousal she's felt in a long time...and then he unveils a surprise....

In Taken by the Vampire: A Paranormal Rough Sex, Gangbang Tale, Jennifer is on her regular late-night commute from her job, riding the back, deserted car of the train, when a stranger enters, a man who seems to have an unearthly way about him. Before she knows what's happening, the man is on her, ravaging her, driving her insane with sexual arousal, draining her – in more ways than one. When he's had his way, the stranger leaves Jennifer helpless and exposed, allowing others to have their way as well...

All of these tales will be available on Amazon soon enough, but why wait? You can get the collection at A1 Adult books, downloadable to read in any format on any ereader, or you can get the collection at Barnes and Noble for your Nook.

Hardcore Paranormal Erotica: Ravaged by Ghosts, Vampires, and Halloween Visitors at A1 Adult Books

Hardcore Paranormal Erotica: Ravaged by Ghosts, Vampires, and Halloween Visitors at Barnes and Noble

Caution: I do not recommend reading these alone -- you're going to want to have a playmate handy to satisfy a few urges that might come with reading these tales........

Monday, September 28, 2015

Doing a HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY dance....


Okay, maybe I don't have moves like that, but I cannot be more ecstatic right now.


Well, I have long looked upon erotica writer extraordinaire Selena Kitt as a goddess of the erotica publishing world. She can do it all -- write extremely arousing, plot-filled, and most of all well-written work. She's incredibly prolific, and she's even managed to start a couple of successful publishing companies (eXcessica and excitica among them).

And if you go to eXcessica and scroll down the new release section, you'll see my book, Lethal Obsession!

That's right, my novel Lethal Obsession is now part of the eXcessica publishing catalog.

There's more publishing news coming up in the next few days and weeks, but I just had to share -- seeing Lethal Obsession there made my day!

Thursday, September 24, 2015

Back out into the world...

As I write this, it's been exactly one year, one month, and nine days since I last posted here on my blog.

A lot's happened in that time. Some of it good, some of it bad, and some of it ugly (I've spent a lot of time over the past year watching TV and movies, especially old flicks, so pardon me if these phrases and names slip into my blogging). 

I'll run quickly through the latter two first -- the bad and the ugly -- so you can know where I've been, then talk about the good.

The bad

I had a little trouble with my writing and publishing, or more specifically someone decided my stories were suddenly offensive, so after letting me publish work for more than a year, allowing virtually everything I post to pass through their censor check, suddenly Amazon decided much of my work no longer conformed to their standards, so they banned most of it. No warning, no explanation, just banned most of it and warned me I could lost my account if I didn't shape up.

Some of you know I've struggled with clinical depression -- at times severe -- and that sent me into a tailspin. I unpublished all of my work, not only at Amazon, but everywhere. An overreaction, yes, but I tend to do that some times.

Then life grew worse -- someone I had thought of as a friend and mentor turned out not to be so much of either, taking advantage of my condition at the time, offering "help" then pulling it back, stringing me know how life can be. So I had to cut ties, walk away, which is always painful.

That was followed by the loss of someone dear and close to me, a precious soul who had really become my mother in recent years -- she'd taken me in, offered me support, guidance, love, just like I was one of her kids. She was the most loving, strongest woman I've ever known, but after a long battle with pulmonary fibrosis, she passed away earlier this year.

And not too long after that I nearly lost one of the other closest people to me in the whole world. She's not out of the woods yet, after a hospital stay and some extended outpatient treatment, she seems to be doing a little better.

The ugly

That was me, throughout these past few months. I mean my life, the way I was living, letting things get to me in ways that were unhealthy. Bad things happen to us all, it's really how we respond, how we overcome and build our lives in spite of the bad, that ultimately defines us and our lives.


It was pretty ugly, and I went for a long period of time without writing, without doing anything other than crawling out of bed, going to work, then coming back home. I ate a lot. Gained a lot of weight.

Like I said, it was pretty ugly. But that's changing some, and that leads us to the...


I've thought a lot about the one loss I mentioned earlier, my "mom." If any of you know me, or have been reading my posts off and on over the past few years, you know I had a rough start in life, eventually striking out on my own when I was just 16.

Well, my "mom" had a hard life, too. An incredibly poor childhood, some times going without the very basics of life, especially food. Yet she continued on, married, had her own kids, raised them, helped raise her grandkids, all through some trying and difficult times. Yet she never lost the basic joy in her life, never sat down and said "it's too much." She told me, more than once, that when things got really bad, she just put her head down and plowed through it.

"What else can you do?" she often asked.

Well, some of us quit, or take an extended break from life, it seems. At least that's what I've done a few times, which is odd since I was so determined, when I was younger, to never do that, to never be like the ones I grew up with, to never quit. I was determined to make something of my life.

I suppose I've done better than most that I grew up with, I certainly have done more than most would have thought possible if they saw me growing up, but still, when I sit and think and look back, I lost my way somewhere, started focusing on the problems, the bad and the ugly, rather than just working hard and moving forward.

A couple of months ago I decided this was crazy -- if I want some things in life, if I want to be different or better than I am now, just do it. Put my head down and plow forward.

And that's what I've been doing. I've tried, slowly, to get my life back together, to start writing again, and getting away from home for more than just working, to get out and live a little bit again.

So far, so good.

Which brings me to this blog, and my writing career. I've thought about restarting my blog for most of those two months, I've thought about writing and publishing more, maybe finding some homes for my old work and writing new pieces as well.

With the publication to this blog, I'm officially starting that, getting back into the game. In coming weeks and months I'll have news of my writing, where it's being published, how you can get it, and all of that info.

I'll also, from time to time, share a little with you what's going on in my life.

As always, feel free to comment, to share here from your own life, your own writing, most anything you wish.

For now, this kind of catches you up on my life. As always, thanks so much for stopping by.