Monday, September 28, 2015

Doing a HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY dance....


Okay, maybe I don't have moves like that, but I cannot be more ecstatic right now.


Well, I have long looked upon erotica writer extraordinaire Selena Kitt as a goddess of the erotica publishing world. She can do it all -- write extremely arousing, plot-filled, and most of all well-written work. She's incredibly prolific, and she's even managed to start a couple of successful publishing companies (eXcessica and excitica among them).

And if you go to eXcessica and scroll down the new release section, you'll see my book, Lethal Obsession!

That's right, my novel Lethal Obsession is now part of the eXcessica publishing catalog.

There's more publishing news coming up in the next few days and weeks, but I just had to share -- seeing Lethal Obsession there made my day!

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