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Viewing Life in Living Color : Liv Honeywell talks BDSM, romance, and white chocolate

Visiting with us today we have Liv Honeywell, who says she likes to live her life in "Glorious Technicolor." And she writes stories set in the world of BDSM. While some writers have gotten into that field because it seems to be an easy few dollars, for Liv the decision to write in that genre goes much deeper.

Liv, thanks for visiting with me today. Can you tell me a bit about what you mean by living life in "Glorious Technicolor"?

Thanks very much for having me, Shandra J.

I wrote that a while back when I was thinking about life in general and also about when I began to explore BDSM. I’ve always been creative and I’ve always wanted to write and run my own business rather than do some beige, boring day job, and I remember thinking that even realizing that it was possible, that I didn’t *have* to sit there for the rest of my life in a job I hated was almost like going from watching black & white television to colour. Life was so much more exciting and had so many more possibilities.

When I discovered the world of BDSM, I found that all the things I’d imagined and fantasized about were possible but there were also many more things that hadn’t even occurred to me, there was so much depth to having a D/s relationship, there were so many more sensations to experience and so much to explore, so if I was living in colour before, now it really had to be Glorious Technicolor J.

What about your writing – why do you focus in the world of BDSM?

I think the very simple answer for a lot of writers is that we write what we like to read and that’s definitely true for me. I love erotica of all kinds but I write about BDSM because on the page, I can safely explore things I haven’t tried yet. I can also look deeper at things I have tried or even look at them from the Dom’s point of view.

I love to explore what the submissive is thinking when a scene is going on and how she is reacting to all the sensations, so there’s quite a bit of that in my writing, but I also love the humour in BDSM. I’m a great one for putting my foot in my mouth and saying just the wrong thing – well, from my point of view that is, not so much from the Dom’s! I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve seemingly had a brain bypass, opened my mouth and got myself into trouble. For example:

Dom: “If the curtains weren’t open and people couldn’t see in, I’d bend you over the sofa and spank you for that.”

Me: Completely without thinking “Oh, no, they can’t see in because of the blinds.” Pause, look at grin on Dom’s face. “Er, I mean, yes. Yes, they can!”

Cue roar of laughter from Dom.

There’s so much of that in BDSM relationships and often it’s not reflected in books. One of my favourite film genres is the romantic comedy but when I first started reading erotica, I couldn’t find stories which were proper romantic comedies about people involved in BDSM relationships, so now I write those for me and hope that other people like them too.

Is there a theme that seems to run through your work, or is each story different, a stand-alone world?

I think if there is, it’s probably that each one is romantic is some way and has a happy ending. I don’t write depressing endings. I’ve read more than one book which was hilarious and warm and touching and then one of the main characters died without warning at the end, and it felt like I’d suddenly dropped into reading a completely different book that I hadn’t signed up for. I hate those and I’m never going to do that to my readers.

Each book is stand alone in that it is a complete story by itself without having to buy another book to find out what happens next, but I do have ideas for more than one series were there will be the same characters popping in and out over several books.

What's your writing routine like – do you write at the same time of day, play music, have any sort of rituals to get you in the mood?

I don’t have a routine as such, as I’m so busy that I have to fit the writing in when I can.

I have a quote on my whiteboard which I love: ‘The first draft doesn’t have to be good. It just has to be written,’ and I read that before I start to remind myself that I don’t have to try to write final draft quality work on the first go.

I can’t listen to music when I write as I find it distracting, so it has to be silence for the words and background television for plotting and writing notes.

I’m also a big fan of Write or Die, a web based writing software which is great for getting me past the inner editor.

Okay, let's step away from writing for a bit. Let's do some rapid fire questions. Answer the first thing that comes to mind – no cheating, no pondering, just whatever flashes in your mind first.

Favorite movie?

I’m probably supposed to say something deep here and claim it’s Citizen Kane or something, but I’m afraid it’s not. I couldn’t really pick just one but I’m loving all the Marvell films at the moment.

Favorite actor?

Richard Roxburgh because he is a different character, and thoroughly convincing, in every film I’ve ever seen him in, and there aren’t many who can achieve that.

If you could have dinner, maybe even spend a weekend, with one person, living or dead, who would it be?

I’m single at the moment, so I’d love a sneak peak at whoever my Dom is going to be.

If money were no object or concern, where would you go for a two-week vacation?

The Seychelles. I’m researching it for a book at the moment and it looks gorgeous.

Again, pretending that money is of no concern, where would you live?

Somewhere near enough that I could walk on the beach every day.

Favorite food?

White chocolate.

Favorite erotica novel?

Again, I couldn’t really pick just one but here are some of my favourite writers: Natasha Knight, Renee Rose and Rosanna Leo to name just a few.

Okay, now, back to the writerly questions. J

What is your biggest struggle in writing?

Getting bottom on seat and actually starting. I’m fine once I get going but I do seem to suffer a little from the idea that I must write something perfect instead of just getting a first draft down and finished, especially when it’s an idea I’m really excited about.

Tell us, do you have more work coming soon that we can look forward to?

I do. I’m working on a series about three brothers – all Doms, and hoping to have the first one out in March or early April. I don’t have blurb or an excerpt yet though.

I’m also working on some short erotica stories with my friend, Cochrane Gage.

Give us a sample of one of your already published works – maybe a little blurb, even an excerpt, and where we can purchase the work.

Coming, Ready or Not! Three Tales of Tease and Denial is one I really like because it combines the intensity of an M/s relationship with some comedy. Here’s the blurb and an excerpt:

Meet Will and Abby. An ordinary couple that you wouldn’t give a second glance at if they were walking down the street. Except they share a wonderful secret and bond as they explore their Master/slave relationship.

This is a loving couple, full of good humour, but nothing in any relationship is perfect and sometimes things go wrong. Even the strongest will in the world can't always obey and with that comes consequences...

Three vignettes, The Edge, Bad Girl, and Breathless focus on control. Can Abby be taken to the edge of pleasure and not cross over? She wants to obey and to hold on. But can she? And what will happen to her if she can't?

Holding on has never felt so good...

Warning: This book is adults only. It contains adult language, caning, spanking, face slapping, gags, a brief mention of anal sex and orgasm denial

Buying Links:


“Will, please.”

“Excuse me? I think you mean 'Sir,' and do you really think this is up to you?”

“Er, no, Sir. I guess not. I'm sorry.”

“I should think so. Now lie back. Go on.”

I lie back against the chair. I don’t have another choice anyway. My legs are spread wide apart and strapped tightly to the chair legs, so I couldn't close them if I wanted to, and my arms are tied behind my back and then secured to the back of the chair frame. I'm really not going anywhere until my Lord and 
Master lets me.

You grin at me, knowing full well that there's nothing I can do.

I narrow my eyes. “You evil b...”

You grab my chin and force me to look into your eyes.

“I really don't think you want to finish that sentence, Abby. I wouldn't advise it.”

You continue circling my clit with just the tip of your finger, as you have been doing, agonisingly slowly, for the last few minutes. I moan and throw my head back.

“Oh, please, Sir. Please may I come?"

You pretend to consider my request, as if you haven’t already made up your mind. "Hmmmm, no. No, I don't think so.” You run your other hand over my breasts, pausing to tweak first one nipple and then the other.

“You need to learn that this body does not belong to you any more. It belongs to me and it's up to me if you get any pleasure and up to me when and how. Understand?"

“Ye...he...Yes, Sir”, I pant, trying desperately to hold on.

“Good girl.” You grin evilly again. “Besides I'm nowhere near done teasing you yet. I’m having far too much fun enjoying that lovely tortured expression on your face.”

I let out another low moan, born of frustration and desire; at the same time feeling a tingling warmth and excitement in my stomach at your dominance over me.

Your touch builds me dangerously close to orgasm again, leaving me hovering right there on the edge. I try to think of something else, anything else. What are we having for dinner? What shall I make? Are we out of peas? Or perhaps His Domliness will decide he wants to go out when he has finished working up an appetite by torturing me!

The thought brings me right back into the room, back to the sensation of your fingers sliding in and out of me, your thumb lightly rubbing my clit ever closer, ever nearer. I buck in my seat, half torn between wanting to push myself forward against your thumb, wanting release so badly, and not wanting to let you down by coming without permission.

“Sirrrr,” I groan.

“Yes, Abby. What can I do for you? Do you want me to stop? Good idea!”

You remove your hand from my pussy and I let out an animal yelp of frustration. Oh God. This is the third time you have brought me to the brink of orgasm and I really don't know how much more I can stand.


Oh wow...excuse me a minute.

Okay, now that I've calmed down, let me say once again Liv, thanks again for being with us today. 

If you want to know more about Liv, or how to find her online, here's a little from her website:

When not writing about delicious, hot male dominants and the female subs who love them, I’m usually doing something craft-like, reading, baking, eating the results of said baking, and attempting to satisfy the demands of His High and Mighty Dominance (the cat!). My first story, Imagine, was published in 2012 and since then I’ve published Coming, Ready or Not and The Journal, which was written with Domitri Xavier and was winner of Turning the Pages Erotica Book of the Year 2013. I’m working on several books at once as usual, and trying to decide which of my other book ideas to work on next! You can follow me on my blog -, Twitter -, Facebook -, Goodreads - and my Amazon page is here:

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Cathartic Spankings in Romance

Spanking in Sex? Why not? Sex is a release. Spanking is a release. The two go hand-in-hand.

People spank for lots of reasons… there’s the role-play spanking, sensual spanking, discipline spanking and the maintenance spanking. Maintenance spanking is more often seen in a Domestic Discipline relationship and is the most likely to also be categorized as a cathartic spanking. They happen fairly regularly and don’t need a defined reason.

What sets them apart from the others? Cathartic spankings achieve the result of not only a red bottom but also a deep, healing sobbing. Have you ever heard that saying “Everyone needs a good cry”? Well, here’s where it can be achieved. The tears during a cathartic spanking are healing, bringing about a focus and clarity. They are like a spiritual cleansing and can bring about a wonderfully intimate moment with your partner. Of course, they are, more often than not, intertwined with sexual feelings and sensuality. But hey, who would complain about that?

Today’s romance novels are bursting with spankings… from the lighter edge to the heavier… and everything in between!

Spanking, in general, is an emotionally intense kink. On the very surface, adult spanking is all about the heat. Yet on a deeper level, the spanking can heal wounds, comfort and restore the intimacy between a couple. It’s that healing that makes a spanking cathartic.

In the latest book in my paranormal romance series, Frozen Fury, the heroine is burdened with the soul sin of Anger. On the advice of a friend who practices Domestic Discipline, her mate uses spanking as a release for her anger until they can remove the sin forever through their mated bond ritual. Here’s a sexy little excerpt to well, you know, enjoy…
Gage kneeled in front of her on one knee and took her hand. “Let me help.” His words were simple but immediately unloaded the burden she carried. Amelia was awed by this large Valendite Breed kneeling
before her. His dark brown hair was cropped short and his handsome face defined with deep ridges along his cheekbones. Gage was pure masculine beauty, but she wouldn’t tell him that.

Amelia simply nodded. Maybe he actually could help her. He kissed her knuckles and raised himself to sit beside her. She didn’t give it a second thought when he patted his knee, but simply moved to sit on his lap and seek comfort. Then, to her surprise, she screeched when he tugged her across his lap as if she were a child to be disciplined.

With a giggle, Amelia asked, “What are you doing?” She kicked out her feet and held onto Gage for balance. He must be playing with her, trying to help her to relax away from her anger.

“You see, I’ve been told a spanking is cathartic, a means for releasing pent up energy. In your case, that’s anger. So I thought we’d give it a try.” Gage was very matter-of-fact about what he was doing, but since he wasn’t playful, Amelia’s anxiety soared.

“Give it a try? You intend to spank me?”


“Yep? How about ‘nope’?” Now Amelia was enraged. “How dare you think to do this to me? You have no right!”

“Oh, there’s where you’re wrong. I have every right. I’m your mate.” Amelia couldn’t see his grin, but she knew it was there. The grin he wore to say he owned the moment. And damn him, she knew he was right but she most certainly didn’t have to like it.

With her torso and legs dangling down from either side of his lap, Amelia was held firmly in place with no way to escape. She was truly at his mercy and that just made her angrier. How dare he do this?

A flush stole over her skin as Gage tugged up the ruffles of her maxi skirt. She pinched her eyes closed, waiting for his reaction when he found her tiny thong underneath. Amelia wasn’t disappointed by the inhalation of breath she heard from her mate. His hand ran over her naked ass under her skirt as the cool air nipped at her skin. She felt obscene with her skirt now around her waist and her ass bared with only her tiny scrap of a thong.

Gage rubbed along the cheeks of her ass until they felt warmer to the touch. Amelia felt her clit swell even as her bottom grew sensitive. The blood seemed to center in these two areas of her body and she couldn’t think straight. Her concentration was solely focused on her mate.

“I’d like to try this. I believe you do too but if you truly want me to stop, say so now. Right now, Amelia, is your only chance to say ‘stop’. It’s now or it’s never again,” Gage spoke with a voice of conviction that caused a shudder to pass down Amelia’s spine.

She didn’t make a sound.

Gage lifted his hand from her bottom. She was bereft of his touch for one second before she heard its descent and felt his palm strike her ass. He hadn’t held back much of his Breed strength. There was no gentleness. Gage spanked her in steady, heavy strokes. Goddess help her, tears sprung immediately to her eyes. Still, she held her tongue and refused to cry out. After at least a dozen, he stopped and softly rubbed her ass cheeks again. This time, his ministrations brought the sting to the surface in waves of heat and pinpricks of sensation. It wasn’t pleasant but neither was it unpleasant.

“You’re doing well, sweetheart, but you don’t need to hold back. Allow all of that emotion you hold inside to come out.” Gage spoke softly, coaxingly, but still Amelia held her cries inside.

The next series of slaps came in a rhythm and Amelia fell into the pattern with ease. It stung, but as she focused on the stinging, she realized the pain inside—the anger—wasn’t so strong anymore. She could take deep breaths without feeling weighted down in fury.

Her body was quivering. She couldn’t think beyond the constant sting of the spanking. Amelia raised her bottom towards Gage’s palm, instinctively seeking more. She craved more, needed the release this was providing her from the constant anger. She opened her mouth without thought and allowed the first of her cries to leave her. She let go one after another until her body shook with the sobbing.

“Good girl. Let it all out. This is what you needed, just this, just to be able to let it all go.” Gage spoke as he continued the rhythm.

Amelia did just as he said, crying softly now into his leg even as she began to feel his palm gentle on her bottom until he was massaging. She wiggled, but a single slap stopped her movement. She was too limp to move off him anyway. She relaxed into his hold and floated, not feeling anything. Content.

“You did so well. How do you feel?” Gage asked her as if she could actually think or speak. She honestly wasn’t certain she could do either in the moment.

“I-I don’t know. I feel relieved.” She also felt exposed and vulnerable but chose not to mention that. She wasn’t accustomed to any of these emotions and needed to consider them before she talked about them.

“That’s what I was going for. You see, a catharsis of sorts. I’d say I’ve successfully spanked the anger right out of you.” Gage chuckled and the infusion of his humor lightened the moment. Gage was still himself and she was still Amelia. Nothing had changed and yet, maybe everything had.

Frozen Fury


The seven Sinster sisters are entwined in a legacy originating back from the time of the Italian Wars in the 1500s. One by one, they’ll find their mates from the immortal Valendite Breeds and secure their place in history.

Amelia, a genetic physicist and the eldest Sinster sister, has devoted her adult life to determining the genetic anomaly of the Magdalena Circle women. The discovery means the women will no longer serve as the singular means for the Valendite Breed’s survival. However, in the wrong hands, the discovery takes on new meaning and puts their society at risk.

While investigating, Gage, a TEU weapons specialist for the Valendite Breed, accidentally shoots Amelia and then unknowingly bonds himself to her. Now with their enemies closing in around them, Amelia must fight against her soul sin to find the happiness she’s longed for. Everything shifts for the couple when Gage takes her in hand and convinces Amelia to trust in the prophecy to bring them together.



A little bit about the author...

Paloma Beck is a Romance Author living a life of contradiction... she's a happily married carpooling mom writing romance. It's almost naughty! Paloma writes in both the Contemporary and Paranormal realms, journaling the stories her characters tell her, and they are anything but PG. She dabbles in vampires, witches, menage, spanking and bdsm - all in her books, of course. Paloma believes a daily dose of espresso and a good book make any day better.

Talk to Paloma at any of these sites...


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Second Chances

Today we have a guest blog from the talented writer, Jennifer Labelle, talking about life and her novel, Second Chance Love.

Do over’s, we’ve all wished for them, right? The one moment to get a second chance to make whatever it is right, well today I’m going to talk about the “if only’s” we all seek time and again in light of the giveaway I’ve decided to contribute today, my novel, Second Chance Love.


Goody, goody Teegan Hallowell was tired of being teased for following the rules. So, when her brother’s sexy friend shows an interest, she rebels, and learns all about the good kind of bad.

Now ten years later, Teegan returns home to escape a horrible mistake, but wonders if she’s made an even bigger one by returning. There was a reason she left Digby, when her dreams shattered and the man she loved betrayed her. So when she realizes she’s still in love with him, matters become complicated when he reveals her reason for leaving him was all in vain.

Liam Bates has every intention of loving Teegan again, but she’s had it rough and he needs to rebuild her trust. The spark is still there, and as they explore what once was, their love is tested when Teegan disappears, and Liam will stop at nothing until he finds her again.

This story came to me from a conversation I had with my sister. Our mother passed away when we were very young and we were reminiscing in memories in this particular conversation.

You see my mother’s main flaw seemed to be her taste in men. From my “Father” the sperm donor to the other man who ended it all for her and it got me thinking about my perfect guy, about the type of guy I wished she or anyone else deserved to have including myself.

It was then Liam was born. I guess you can say he’s one of the many heroes of my imagination. I actually took a lot of my husband’s character traits when he was created so I guess bad taste in men isn’t necessarily a hereditary trait and I lucked out. Anyway, I guess what I’m trying to say is that he was one of my many “if only’s.” The man my father should have been, the man she could have had, the man I’d like to think any woman would want, and now I’m sharing him with all of you.

So I truly hope you enjoy this amazing love story about one woman torn, one man ready to pick up the pieces and prove his love, and a second chance given to make it all right.

Is it possible to find the love of your life when you’re eighteen?

In Second Chance Love, Teegan Hallowell is about to find out.

Now available in both e-book and print, I hope you’ll get your copy today!

You can find Second Chance Love here.

I’d like to thank everyone for stopping by to read this post while I guest blog on this site. If you’d like to learn more about me or my work I can be reached through my website: , I’m on Facebook:!/

I’m on Twitter:!/1JenniferLabell , you can follow my blog: , and I’m also on Goodreads:

And now, I leave you with an excerpt from Second Chance Love:

Jagged rocks aligned across the coastline. The moist salty air was refreshing, and the tide slowly rose against the Fundy Shore. It was good to be home again. Teegan sat on the fallen tree trunk, and tried to capture the beauty of the scenery with her sketch pad.

She hadn’t been there in years and the beauty of it still captivated her. This secluded patch of beach once belonged to Liam’s family and she wondered if it still did. Seeing Liam again brought so much back to her, that she just needed a place to unwind, and some of her most precious memories belonged right where she was.

Smiling, she turned up her iPod and sang along to the lyrics of Shinedown’s Breaking Inside, relating to the lyrics. Subconsciously, she ended up adding a boy and his father fishing right where she sat into the picture. Liam! Why can’t I seem to let you go? Sighing, she almost fell off the log and into the water. Her heart raced, and adrenaline pumped as she wondered who in the Lord’s name snuck up on her like that.

Large arms wrapped around her, pulling her close as his heat enveloped her senses. He was the one man in the entire world who could make her weak in the knees by just being in close proximity to her. The one man she was trying to avoid. Too afraid of her emotions. Oh Lord, he smells so good. Get it together, Teeg. You don’t even know him anymore.

“Liam?” She sounded breathless and winced turning away. She could not let him see how he affected her, could not risk losing her heart again. It hurt too much.

“Hasn’t anyone ever told you not to sneak up on someone like that? Geez, you just about gave me a heart attack not to mention an unwanted swim.” Placing a hand to her heart she turned to face him again only to have the urge to smother his smile with her lips. He was beautiful, and she missed the taste of him.

“It’s good to see you too.” He chuckled, “And there is no way I would have let you fall in. Hasn’t anyone ever told you that this is private property?”

She could tell by the glint in his eye he was only teasing, and she hated how easily he could make her smile. As if, she was eighteen all over again. “Ya, but you see, I used to know one of the owners of said property very well. I have many fond memories here, and I just had to see if it was as remarkable as I remembered it.”

“Well is it?” His face turned serious as he closed the distance between them.

With his closeness distracting her she whispered, “Is it what?”

Before she knew it his head was lowering and her breathing turned rapid. Be careful what you wish for. She could feel his breath against her and all she could think about was the taste of his lips on hers. Soft, plump, and delectable...

Best wishes,

~Author Jennifer Labelle~


Don't forget the big give-away, which includes a copy of Jennifer's Second Chance Love!

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Author A.R. Von on living with a man-beast, a furry daughter, and writing of a Lady's Destiny

Today we get the chance to feature author A.R. Von and her novel, Lady's Destiny.

A little about Lady’s Destiny

When dreams haunt you in the most delicious ways and fate pulls you into destiny’s path, what can be done other than to accept and submit to it?

Can Iria truly get what she’s always dreamed of or will it always just remain a memory? Being a rare creature such as her with exceptional beauty and rarity of existence should be enough. Though, all she wants is her desire, her destiny… To be with a man—one man.

Are these dreams she’s having real? Could she really take on human form and become a Lady to be with the man she craves?

Dezso discovers a magical creature—a being of incredible light and peace. He is drawn to it again and again, and his feelings grow with every encounter. He carries a dark secret that he wishes never existed. The only thing that truly brings light upon his existence is the beauty that warms his heart but seems to only exist in his head—with dreams and visions of a magical woman, full of heartwarming light.

Will he ever know true love and happiness? Will he ever be able to lighten the weight and share his dark secret with another...?

Darkness is growing stronger, weakening the light and killing off what makes the world a beautiful place to live in. Enter a world of fantasy and dreams, passions and temptations. A world where dragons, unicorns, magic and mermaids really do exist. A world where love WILL conquer all!


Well now folks, that sounds quite mysterious and exciting, and definitely piques my interest. I hope it does for you, too.

And now, a little about our author, A.R. Von.
A.R. was born and raised in Bronx, N.Y., and is the oldest daughter of two girls. She holds an Associate’s Degree in Computer Science and Information Technology, which was only briefly used. She’s a mother of two entertaining teen boys (as well as a lovely fawn Chihuahua, whom she considers her furry daughter.) 

She’s also a wife to a delightfully handsome and amazingly funny man-beast. She loves anything dragon and fantasy related. In her free time she enjoys exercising, writing, listening to music, hiking, cooking, dancing and reading. She also loves a great adventure in and out of a book!

She writes to free her mind of its constant wondering and clutter. She thrives on the fact she can share some of it with readers that have the same passion for a great story.

She also loves to hear from her reader’s and chat away, so feel free to reach out to her any time.
A.R.’s web site:

Thanks so much to A.R. for visiting with us today, and thanks to you for stopping by and checking out the offering. Now, run on over and get your copy of Lady's Destiny.

And don't forget the big give-away -- two gift cards and a whole lotta free fiction! Enter now.

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Elodie Rain on living in the tropics, writing erotica, and admiring Johnny Depp

Today we have Elodie Rain, visiting with us all the way from Queensland, Australia
Hey Elodie, thanks so much for taking the time to appear on my blog.  Let's jump right in.

You just published your first work, Overburdened, in January. I gotta say, I can't recall an erotica story that starts out with the main character dead, but you definitely pulled it off. Can you tell us a little bit about the story?

Mick is an ex-con, who feels as though his life is going nowhere. He frequents bars and has no direction until he meets Amy. She becomes his obsession and they quickly fall passionately in love. However, Amy is driven and wants more out of life, which causes problems between the two. Then life intervenes and changes everything.

Can you tell us a little bit about how this story came to you?

I love the music of Disturbed (David Draiman can sing to me any day!) and their song, Overburdened always struck a chord with me. Something about the lyrics and the emotion in his voice really inspired me.

I think this is your first erotica piece, correct? If so, can you tell us what other sorts of work you enjoy writing?

I love to write. Unfortunately, for a long time, I’ve only been able to write academically (completing my Masters) and I also write for magazines on various topics. But a friend asked me to edit her erotica writing and I became hooked.

In one of the author bios I've seen on you, Elodie, you say you enjoy writing about real people in real situations. Can you elaborate on that a little?

I have a passion for counseling and grew up in an environment where sex was very taboo and I really felt like it took me a long time to find myself in my relationship. I believe that erotic fiction allows people to have their kink normalized. If what goes on is between two consenting adults is a little left of centre, people need to know they are not alone. By using real characters, this is achievable.

Okay, let's step away from writing for a bit. Let's do some rapid fire questions. Answer the first thing that comes to mind – no cheating, no pondering, just whatever flashes in your mind first.

Favorite movie? Scott Pilgrim Vs the World

Favorite actor? Johnny Depp

Why? No matter what he plays (except for the vampire in Dark Shadows) he is exceptional.

If money were no object or concern, where would you go for a two-week vacation? Bora Bora

Again, pretending that money is of no concern, what sort of car would you own? I have no idea! Right now, for practical reasons, my dream car is a people mover!

If you could live, fulltime, anywhere in the world, were would it be? Why? Here. I love our climate, the rain, the mountains, the ocean views. People pay a fortune to visit the tropics each year, and I am lucky enough to have grown up here.

Favorite food? Homemade enchiladas

Favorite color? Green

Favorite novel? I really can’t name one! My bookshelf mostly holds classics from the Brontes, Jane Austen, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley. Then I love modern authors like Marcus Zusak, Mitch Albom and Kate Morton. In erotic fiction, I love Raw by Belle Aurora, and Charity Parkerson is also awesome!

Okay, now, back to the writerly questions. J

Is there any one moment, or one event in your life that made you decide you wanted, maybe needed, to be a writer? If not, can you tell us how you came to the realization you wanted to write? 

I’ve always loved reading. I won awards for the most books read at school. But ridiculously, I almost failed junior English. Then I had an amazing teacher who showed me the power of using my own words. I’ve not stopped writing since!

Tell us, will there be more erotica work from Elodie Rain? Do you have any work, erotica or not, under way now that we can look forward to later this year? 

I have quite a few pieces of writing in the works. I hope to have an anthology of short erotic stories completed in the not too distant future, and I do have some more mainstream romantic stories in the pipeline under a separate name J

Elodie, I can't tell you how much I appreciate you being here today. Now, before we go, let's share a little blurb about Overburdened, then tell folks where they can get a copy.

Overburdened is a short erotic story about Mick, who is dead and wanders the earth waiting for his judgment. He blames himself for the death of Amy, the love of his life with whom he had a passionate, but tumultuous relationship. As he wanders, he always returns to her grave and remembers...

At the moment, the story is only available on Amazon, so just click here for Overburdened.

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Shapeshifting, Mistletoe and the curious obstacle to writing: a talk with author Kristin Elyon

Visiting with us today we have Kristin Elyon, the author of "Untamed Passion" and "Microphones and Mistletoe."

Hey Kristin, thanks so much for taking the time to appear on my blog. Let's jump right in.

I have to say, "Microphones and Mistletoe" looks like a fun story, and it's gotten some fabulous reviews so far, and "Untamed Passion" looks fascinating. I've not read many shapeshifter romances, but I think I'm going to have to dive into this one.

Tell us a little bit about how each of these stories came to you.

To be honest, with "Untamed Passion." It didn't go as planned at all. The voices in my head took over, I had no control with the direction of the story. Sasha wanted her story told. It changed about five times before she was finally happy with the story.

With "Microphones and Mistletoe" I knew I wanted something fun for the holidays and the inspiration came to me one night. My father is a musician, not a famous one by any means but he writes music and his friend came over one night and they were talking about this new song and then arguing about the lyrics and the idea just came to me about having two singers/songwriters fighting over something during the holidays... only my story was a lot sexier then my father and his friends. :P

What's your writing routine like – do you write at the same time of day, play music, have any sort of rituals to get you in the mood?

I NEED music. It doesn't matter what kind of music it just has to be playing. It helps me focus, to zone out the rest of the sounds, to just hear myself think. If the music isn't playing and the TV is on, or the radio. It doesn't work. The music just soothes me and puts me in that mood to really concentrate and write.

Okay, let's step away from writing for a bit. Let's do some rapid fire questions. Answer the first thing that comes to mind – no cheating, no pondering, just whatever flashes in your mind first.

Favorite movie? Lord of the Rings

Favorite actor? Ian Somerhalder

Why? Hmm Is this a why to the actor or movie? You didn't tell me so you just get both. I just adore Ian! He is such a fantastic actor and the ISF is a wonderful foundation he started to help the animals. Hello? He's hot and he wants to save the animals! There is no problem with that.

The Lord of the Rings movies have just stuck with me for some reason. Giving more thought to it, I could tell you some more movies with more logical reasoning as to why they are my faves but you said rapid fire. 

If money were no object or concern, where would you go for a two-week vacation? Hawaii. I've always heard wonderful things about it. I'd take my laptop and just write and relax.

Again, pretending that money is of no concern, what sort of car would you own? I would have a driver, maybe not in a limo all the time, that might get boring but certainly once or twice. I've always wanted to have a Jaguar.

Favorite food? Chinese. Orange chicken.

Favorite color? Blue

Favorite novel? Lord of the Rings

Okay, now, back to the writerly questions. J

What is your biggest struggle in writing?

Writing. Actually writing. Sometimes writers block hits you so hard. It can be like being hit by a speeding train. It stops you for days, weeks even. Especially if you have something going on personally. You just have to write something... Doing  flash fiction (seeing a picture and writing 200 words) helps sometimes but the most important thing to do is write. Just as Dory says to just keep swimming, you have to just keep writing.

Tell us, do you have more work coming soon that we can look forward to?

Yes! It's another shifter story. The strong-willed, wounded shape shifting she-wolf has been involved with the supernatural since she lost a lover, her first mate, to a vampire. A few years later, after a near-miss with death, another vampire attack. She is catapulted into an exciting adventure with Enzo. Can she resist the exotic, tempting wolf shapeshifter who will stop at nothing to achieve his goal? His Goal: Claiming HER, his new mate.

Amber White Inspiration for her-

Kristin, I can't tell you how much I appreciate you being here today. Now, before we go, let's share a little blurb one of your stories, then tell folks where they can get a copy.

Well, my newest release is called "Untamed Passion." It's about a sexy tiger shifting male who finds his mate. The only problem is his ex and the fact that his mate doesn't know she's a shifter and it causes a ton of fun!

I have the book available on Amazon and B&N. Here is the blurb.

Sasha has spent her entire life, feeling like there was much more to life than what she’d been experiencing. Her love life was boring and her new roommate was driving her insane talking about it. However an unfortunate yet chanced incident brings Eric to her rescue.

Could he really be the man of her dreams? Will he teach her exactly how to harness her special shape shifting abilities before it is too late? In a story of love, lies and romance Sasha finds herself in the arms of a handsome shape sifting white tiger that will stop at nothing to protect her.


Well folks, there you have it – a couple of great sounding stories from author Kristin Elyon, and a new one coming out soon. Download them, make some of Kristin's Orange Chicken and sit down for a read!

For more information on Kristin, or to keep up with her work, check out her blog here, find her on Facebook here, and follow her on Twitter here. heck out her blog here,

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