About me -- an erotic writing, mystery telling pixie

I'm Midwest-born gal who left home at 16 and never looked back.

I spent three years traveling the South as a carnie, another three with a circus -- yes, an honest-to-god circus with elephants (well, an elephant), high-wire walkers and big top tents.

Until two years ago I had never owned a cell phone, had only had cable television service a short time, and I still haven't fully figured out Blogger, Facebook, and other social media. Still haven't found my real-life bearings either, and it's kind of funny -- the more I immerse myself in the trappings of the modern world (TV, cell phone, social media) the most lost I feel.

Anyway, I'm a waitress at a small little restaurant in the mountains Southwest Virginia working as hard as I can to become a full time writer.

At night I watch the stars, take walks and write -- erotica, mystery, horror, whatever strikes my fancy. And I hope my writing strikes your fancy as well. Often.


  1. AnElephantCant ever pass judgement
    On a lady just making her way
    So he just says hello
    And thanks for the follow
    He looks forward to hearing what you have to say


  2. Here's to a beautiful blogging friendship!

    Danielle :)

    1. Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Danielle!

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