Monday, March 31, 2014

Merry Monday -- FREE ebooks for you!

Merry Monday to you!

I know, you're sitting there bleary-eyed, maybe on your second (third?) cup of coffee, wondering what artificial substance I'm using to be so chipper at the start of the week.

I understand your pain. Monday is…well, it's Monday. The start of a new workweek, the official end of the weekend and any break we had from the real work world. Playtime (or rest time) is over and now we're slaving for the big boss.

That's why I'm unveiling a new feature that I hope will make your Mondays a little merrier: Merry Monday Free Book Specials.

That's right, every Monday I'll be listing somewhere between a half dozen and two dozen FREE e-books you can download to your Kindle. Some shorts, some full-length novels, mostly erotica, but some weeks I'll include romance, adventure, maybe even a few thrillers or horror tales.

And the best thing is they'll be absolutely FREE.

Every Monday just stop by here, at Shandra's Shadow World, and see what some great authors around the world have to offer you.

If you're an author, I'll be glad to include your work. Just send an Amazon link to me at (I can't believe that address was available!). Please send the ebook title, author name, and a one- or two-line description of the work.

Here's an example:

Lethal Obsession, by Shandra Miller. After years in a loveless marriage, Detective Angela Martin does the unthinkable: She meets with a stranger, in a hotel room, where she allows him to act out one of his bondage fantasies. When she does, Angela finds herself thrust into a world of murder, mystery, passion and eroticism. Download to your Kindle here.

(And no, Lethal Obsession is not free, just using it as an example – but it IS on sale for 99 cents if you're interested!)

Remember, send me only links to books that you intend to have free on the following Monday.

Now, if you're an author, send those links to me for next week. And if you're a writer, here's your first Merry Monday Free Book Specials:

Jennifer Stripped On Stage (A Story of Reluctant Public Sex), by Mary Alice Ball. When Jennifer's dream date takes her to a live magician's show, she is thrilled, until she watches one of her friends taken on stage, stripped and violated while the audience watches. Jennifer goes to her friend, only to soon find she may be next.

Dying to Forget (The Station), by Trish Marie Dawson: Piper Willow dies the summer after her high school graduation and finds herself in a spiritual terminal called the Station. She's given only two choices: Move on to the unknown where she'll be forced to spend an eternity in her own personal hell or be trained as a Volunteer and return to Earth as the subconscious for a person in need of outside assistance. Does Piper have what it takes to save a life, to be the nagging voice inside another person's head? Or will she fail and end up lost and tormented...forever?

Bondage and Service: A Tale of Reluctant First-time Oral Sex and BDSM. by Mandy Cumming. Brittany, a waitress at the exclusive Tide's Inn, decides to make her play for Victor McCoy, a regular visitor who has made his interest in her obvious. Brittany quickly learns Victor isn't a typical lover – he expects total surrender from Brittany, leaving her literally helpless to his every whim. FREE for your Kindle here.

A to Z in 10 by 10 by Donna B. McNicol 26 letters in the alphabet provide the start of 26 flash fiction stories. Each story was written based upon a word and a photo used for inspiration. That's the A to Z.The 10 by 10 refers to the story length. Each story was written in no more than ten sentences but with a minimum of 100 words (10x10=100).

His for One Night (His #1) by Octavia Wildwood. After a bad night, straight-laced college instructor Daniella James finds herself drowning her sorrows at a local bar. It’s not her type of place, but she doesn’t feel like being alone. Then a handsome stranger in an expensive suit walks into her life and nothing is ever the same again.

The Neighbor 2, Lust in the Suburbs by Abby Weeks. Janey's story continues as she determines to impress the wealthy neighbor next door, this time by dominating her husband in front of him. As Janey gets closer to actually meeting the neighbor, and even slips onto his property in her underwear, we get another stunning look at how much she has changed and grown since moving to Sunny Oaks.

Give yourself a little gift (or two, or three) to help you get yourself started on the week, click on any of the links and download your free e-books.

And if you're an author, send me any books you plan to have free on Monday, April 7 to

Disclaimer: While it is my intention to feature only ebooks that are available for free download today, please check to ensure the book is listed as free before downloading. Sole responsibility for ensuring the listed ebooks are free, as listed, rest with the author.

Monday, March 10, 2014

Birthday Bash Winners Announced, and the release of Surrender, Book 3 in the Lethal Obsession Trilogy

Well, I'm running a little behind with this, but I've got two big announcements today.

First, the list of winners from my Lethal Obsession Birthday Blog Bash – we have ten different ladies who won prizes that included gift cards and free e-copies of novels and short story collections.

Second, tomorrow – March 11 – is release day for my newest novel, Surrender: Book 3 of the Lethal Obsession Trilogy. Initially, some of you may recall, the title was to be Enslaved, but turns out that all-powerful Amazon didn't like the title and refused selling it…on well, that's the life of an indie erotica writer.

Surrender will be featured on a short little blog tour beginning March 11 – and the first stop will be at the blog of author A.R. Von at I'm posting a guest blog, along with a little promo about Surrender and the first-ever published excerpt from the novel. I'll be back tomorrow to talk a little more about the blog tour, but please make plans to visit tomorrow.

And now, for the winners of the Lethal Obsession Birthday Blog Bash.

First, we have three ladies who have won an e-copy of one of my Lethal Obsession trilogy works. Either Lethal Obsession, Helpless, or Surrender – their choice!

Cassie Hoffman, Kyra Dune and Stephanie Calas are the winners in this portion of the contest.

Nicole Tetrev won an e-copy of the novel Second Chance Love by Jennifer Labelle.

Amy Bowens won an e-copy of the short story collection Reality in Each Fantasy, which was offered by author Lacey Silks.

Tonya Kinzer won an e-copy of Reality in Each Fantasy 2, also courtesy of author Lacey Silks.

And Jennifer Labelle won an e-copy of another Lacey Silkes collection, Reality in Mistresses Collection.

And Heather Hicks won an e-copy of Second Chance Love by author Jennifer Labelle.

And that brings us to the two gift cards, offered courtesy of authors Tonya Kinzer and Sarah Wallace.

Tammy Rammy wins the $10 gift card offer supplied by Tonya Kinzer and Amy Miller takes home the $10 Amazon card offered by Sarah Wallace.

Congratulations to the winners – I'll be supplying your contact info to the writers offering the prizes and they should be in contact with you shortly.

Thanks so much to the authors to took part in the Birthday Blog Bash and offered prizes, and most of all, thanks to all of you readers who stopped by and read some of the fascinating blog posts, excerpts and interviews supplied by the writers who took place in the tour.