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Elodie Rain on living in the tropics, writing erotica, and admiring Johnny Depp

Today we have Elodie Rain, visiting with us all the way from Queensland, Australia
Hey Elodie, thanks so much for taking the time to appear on my blog.  Let's jump right in.

You just published your first work, Overburdened, in January. I gotta say, I can't recall an erotica story that starts out with the main character dead, but you definitely pulled it off. Can you tell us a little bit about the story?

Mick is an ex-con, who feels as though his life is going nowhere. He frequents bars and has no direction until he meets Amy. She becomes his obsession and they quickly fall passionately in love. However, Amy is driven and wants more out of life, which causes problems between the two. Then life intervenes and changes everything.

Can you tell us a little bit about how this story came to you?

I love the music of Disturbed (David Draiman can sing to me any day!) and their song, Overburdened always struck a chord with me. Something about the lyrics and the emotion in his voice really inspired me.

I think this is your first erotica piece, correct? If so, can you tell us what other sorts of work you enjoy writing?

I love to write. Unfortunately, for a long time, I’ve only been able to write academically (completing my Masters) and I also write for magazines on various topics. But a friend asked me to edit her erotica writing and I became hooked.

In one of the author bios I've seen on you, Elodie, you say you enjoy writing about real people in real situations. Can you elaborate on that a little?

I have a passion for counseling and grew up in an environment where sex was very taboo and I really felt like it took me a long time to find myself in my relationship. I believe that erotic fiction allows people to have their kink normalized. If what goes on is between two consenting adults is a little left of centre, people need to know they are not alone. By using real characters, this is achievable.

Okay, let's step away from writing for a bit. Let's do some rapid fire questions. Answer the first thing that comes to mind – no cheating, no pondering, just whatever flashes in your mind first.

Favorite movie? Scott Pilgrim Vs the World

Favorite actor? Johnny Depp

Why? No matter what he plays (except for the vampire in Dark Shadows) he is exceptional.

If money were no object or concern, where would you go for a two-week vacation? Bora Bora

Again, pretending that money is of no concern, what sort of car would you own? I have no idea! Right now, for practical reasons, my dream car is a people mover!

If you could live, fulltime, anywhere in the world, were would it be? Why? Here. I love our climate, the rain, the mountains, the ocean views. People pay a fortune to visit the tropics each year, and I am lucky enough to have grown up here.

Favorite food? Homemade enchiladas

Favorite color? Green

Favorite novel? I really can’t name one! My bookshelf mostly holds classics from the Brontes, Jane Austen, George Orwell, Aldous Huxley. Then I love modern authors like Marcus Zusak, Mitch Albom and Kate Morton. In erotic fiction, I love Raw by Belle Aurora, and Charity Parkerson is also awesome!

Okay, now, back to the writerly questions. J

Is there any one moment, or one event in your life that made you decide you wanted, maybe needed, to be a writer? If not, can you tell us how you came to the realization you wanted to write? 

I’ve always loved reading. I won awards for the most books read at school. But ridiculously, I almost failed junior English. Then I had an amazing teacher who showed me the power of using my own words. I’ve not stopped writing since!

Tell us, will there be more erotica work from Elodie Rain? Do you have any work, erotica or not, under way now that we can look forward to later this year? 

I have quite a few pieces of writing in the works. I hope to have an anthology of short erotic stories completed in the not too distant future, and I do have some more mainstream romantic stories in the pipeline under a separate name J

Elodie, I can't tell you how much I appreciate you being here today. Now, before we go, let's share a little blurb about Overburdened, then tell folks where they can get a copy.

Overburdened is a short erotic story about Mick, who is dead and wanders the earth waiting for his judgment. He blames himself for the death of Amy, the love of his life with whom he had a passionate, but tumultuous relationship. As he wanders, he always returns to her grave and remembers...

At the moment, the story is only available on Amazon, so just click here for Overburdened.

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