Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Great authors and loads of prizes -- just around the corner!

As they say, time flies when you're having fun. Of course, it seems to fly when you're not having fun, too. Maybe not at that moment, but overall, the days and weeks and months and -- yes, even years -- slip by before you know it.

In just over two weeks, on Feb. 28, I'll mark the first anniversary of the publication of my debut novel, LETHAL OBSESSION. A great deal has happened in the past 12 months, some good, some difficult, but through it all I've been blessed that many of you have read LETHAL OBSESSION, and the follow-up, HELPLESS. And I'd be remiss if I didn't mention an increasing number of folks are listening to LETHAL OBSESSION, as recorded by the supremely talented Karen Kruper -- for a review of the audio version, check out Guilty Indulgence Book Club.

In just a few weeks, on March 11, the third installment in the Lethal Obsession Trilogy, ENSLAVED, will be released.

It's taken longer than I anticipated to finish off the trilogy, and while I'm thrilled to be releasing the novel, I have to confess to a little bit of sadness. Even when I wasn't writing, LETHAL OBSESSION stayed with me, rolling around in my head. And while I was in the act of writing, I felt like I was working on it all the time -- in the shower, driving to work, even while at work (don't tell my boss), the story lines, the characters, demanded my attention.

Wrapping up the trilogy is a little bit like losing a friend. A few friends.

But enough sadness! We're here to celebrate, and I have some real-world friends who are going to help me commemorate the first year of LETHAL OBSESSION.

Beginning on Friday, Feb. 14, and over the following 14 days, 14 different authors will be appearing on my blog. Some will be writing about subjects close to their heart, others will be sharing information on their own work -- novel summaries, blurbs, even excerpts -- and I'll be interviewing some of the writers to give you a little insight into them and their work.

And there are some GREAT prizes available to everyone who wants to take part in a free contest -- novels, short story collections, gift cards. For full details on how to enter, enhance your chances to win, and to see a list of prizes (there are more than a dozen prizes), visit back here on Thursday (Feb. 13), or check out my Facebook Birthday Blog Bash event.

Along with all the give-aways, including copies of my novels LETHAL OBSESSION, HELPLESS, and ENSLAVED, the one that started it all, LETHAL OBSESSION will be available at Amazon for just 99 cents for the whole two weeks. (If you enjoy audio books, that means you can get the Kindle version AND the audio version for just $2.98!)

Now, here's a partial list of the prizes you can win. Come on back tomorrow and I'll list the authors who will be participating, and maybe a line or two about what they'll be doing.

As always, thanks so much for reading.
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