Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Blind Faith, A Tides Inn Erotic Trilogy now available

My first release of the year, BLIND FAITH, A Tides Inn Erotic Trilogy is now available, for just 99 cents.

The book is a collection of three stories that center around Pamela, a waitress at the exclusive Tides Inn resort, and her attraction to Brett McCoy, a frequent guest at the Inn. Pamela, who generally serves Brett (at his request) when he dines at the Inn, decides to make her desires known to him.

She wasn't prepared for his response. At first she's shocked, then confused, and finally she realized Brett, despite his confident demeanor, has issues of his own, and she wonders if he can ever experience love without control.

Here's an excerpt:

 “I have requirements of you,” he whispered. “Requirements that necessitate me removing your blindfold.”
A charge ran through Pamela’s body, one of anticipation at seeing Brett, fully nude. He grabbed her arms, lifted her to her feet, then untied the blindfold, let it drop.
She looked at him – his legs were much like his upper body, slender yet muscular, and she wanted to feel those legs against her again.
He turned her around, facing away from him, and removed the gag. She worked her mouth open and shut several times.
“You must be hungry by now,” Brett said. “I know I am.”
That’s when Pamela noticed a plate of food on the desk in the corner. The plate held a handful of grapes, some slices of banana, a few pieces of chocolate broken off from a bar, crackers and cheese chunks.
“I had room service bring something up while I was waiting for you.” She felt him behind her again, his body pressed against hers. “As before, I wish for you to feed me.” Then he was gone. She turned to find him taking his place on a large chair in the corner of the room, opposite the desk which held the food.
She looked back to the food, then to him, and realized what he meant for her to do. She walked to the corner, bent over, took a piece of chocolate in her mouth, and then strolled across the room toward Brett, the chocolate protruding from her lips. She felt foolish in a way, vulnerable, naked and helpless with her hands bound behind her back, having to walk across the room in his manner, serving him. But she felt alive, as if she were finding some level of gratification she had never known.
Pamela reached Brett and stood, unsure how to proceed, then she straddled his lap, eased herself down onto his legs. Oh, I want you. Pamela wanted his hands on her, caressing, probing, playing.
She pulled the chocolate fully into her mouth, held it there while it melted, then slowly, teasingly she leaned over, pushing her chest forward, her breasts rubbing against his chest, and she saw desire and wanting in his eyes, and Pamela knew whatever he had planned, however long this feeding exercise was supposed to last, he was about to lose control again. Because of her. Despite being bound, and knowing that he could do absolutely anything to her, at that moment Pamela felt power, a raw sexual level of control over Brett, over his desires, his ability to focus.
She put her lips to his, opened her mouth and pushed the sticky, melted chocolate from her mouth into his, her saliva mixing with his, tongues entwined as he tried to take every piece of the chocolate she offered. Pamela felt herself grow dripping-wet, she even thought her heart may have skipped a beat when his hands began playing along her thighs. She pushed her tongue even deeper. He moaned, his hands moving to up to her hips.....

You can purchase BLIND FAITH for just 99 cents for your Kindle here, for your Nook here, or for any format here at Smashwords.

For a larger sample, you can get the first tale in the collection, PRIVATE DINING, for free here at Smashwords. (Soon it'll be available at other retailers for free as well).

I hope you enjoy...

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