Sunday, December 2, 2012

A FREE story for you

Was gonna write this soon, but got lost outside walking and watching the clouds float across blue sky. Beautiful day.

I’m doing my first give-away today and tomorrow (Sunday and Monday), offering Private Dining for free. I had planned the give-away for Saturday and Sunday, and even listed the freebie with a couple of listing services, then Saturday discovered the short story remained at 99 cents. Then I realized I had selected the wrong days. Amazon has to shoulder some of the blame here – the screwy calendar you use to select your free days ENDS with Sunday, rather than begins. I simply clicked on the last day of the week and the first day of the next week – only later realizing their calendar is different from the rest of the Western Hemisphere.

So, anyway, I figured it out and Private Dining is now free. I hope you’ll download, enjoy, and tell others who might like the tale. 

Thanks for stopping by.


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