Thursday, December 20, 2012

Jennifer Lost: A new dark erotic tale now available

At the end of November I released my first two erotica tales, PRIVATE DINING and ROOM SERVICE. I really didn’t know what to expect – while I’ve been writing for several years, I’d never considered my work for publication. A writer friend of mine suggested I give it a go, and rather than play the game of submitting stories to markets and waiting forever to get a reply, I opted for the self-publishing route.

PRIVATE DINING and ROOM SERVICE are short stories that sale for 99 cents each, with a continuing story line through the two of them. I have been pleasantly surprised with the response, both in the fact that people are actually buying the stories, and a few are even catching up with me on Twitter to comment. Soon enough I’ll be producing a third work for that series, which I’m calling Tide’s Inn Erotica Tales. 

For now, though, I’ve finished two additional pieces that are part of a new series called ville d’esclavage tales. Ville d’esclavage is French for bondage town, if that gives you any hint at what direction those stories might take. The first in the series, JENNIFER LOST, is now available at, and soon the second in the series, JENNIFER BOUND, will be available. I’ve tried to make them sensual and fun and maybe a little bit naughty. Okay, maybe a whole lot naughty.

Here’s a bit about the first story in the series.

Jennifer has long fantasized about being with Andrei Sorin, and her dream seems to be coming true when he asks her to an annual Halloween gathering at his ancestral home.

There she sees a number of people – some she knows from town, others she doesn’t recognize – but the get-together is great fun. After retiring to a small auditorium on the grounds, Jennifer is fascinated by a live magic show, watching as audience volunteers are brought on stage for various tricks: one disappears, then is brought back whole; another is seemingly sawed in half, only to be put back together none-the-worse-for-wear; and then the show takes a dark, erotic turn.

Jennifer watches as her friend, Ashley, is coaxed on stage as a volunteer. There she’s bound, blindfolded, stripped and gagged while the magician and his assistant work a new form of magic, using pain and pleasure to change Ashley from a frightened, struggling captive into a willing servant, craving more than they can give.

Jennifer is horrified – at first by what she sees unfolding on the stage, and later by her own puzzling reaction. Mentally she knows she should be revolted by what she sees, but physically she has a totally different response. Soon enough Jennifer finds herself on stage, bound, helpless, at Andre’s mercy. While she struggles at first, soon enough she, too, hungers for more. Afterward, Jennifer is left wondering what she allowed to happen, why her body reacted the way it did, and whether she can let herself remain under the power of a man like Andrei.

JENNIFER LOST is the first of the ville d’esclavage tales, a series about a small North Carolina town where everyone is prim and proper, with a dark eroticism simmering just beneath the surface.

JENNIFER LOST, just $1.49.

I hope you buy the story. Most importantly, I hope you enjoy it and feel it was worth the cost. 

Please drop me a line, or comment here (maybe even join my blog as a follower?) and tell me how you like my work.


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