Wednesday, February 6, 2013

What have I been doing with myself?

Wow, I can’t believe it’s been a month since I last blogged. I suppose that makes me a bad little girl…

I have been busy, however. I’ve finished up the semi-final edits of my new novel LETHAL OBSESSION, have sent it to beta readers (some of whom have given me their comments) and I’m about to start the final edits on the work.

I’ve also been organizing a blog tour for the novel’s release, and let me tell you while I’ve met some really nice people who are graciously allowing me to appear on their blogs, this is nearly as time-consuming as writing the novel!

I’ve also added a little widget to my blog. If you’ll peek over there on the right, there is now a link where you can subscribe to my newsletter! I hope you’ll do so. That way I can keep you updated on all my publishing news. I promise I don’t spam, and I never, ever give out or sell your information to anyone. Your contact information will be our little secret.

On Sunday (just four days from now) I plan on announcing the LETHAL OBSESSION Blog Tour (which will begin on March 1). Before then, though, on Feb. 19 I plan on releasing just a little bit of information about the book – but for now, I’ll tell you it’s unlike any erotica novel you’ve ever read. It can best be described as an erotic suspense novel that will keep you off-balance until the final line.

So, sign up for my newsletter, join my blog and check back often – I think I can make it worth your while.


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