Friday, January 4, 2013

Tale 2 in the Ville D'Esclavage Jennifer saga now available

The second tale in my ville d’esclavage series, JENNIFER BOUND, is now available for download to your Kindle.

To celebrate its release, I’m dropping the price of the tale 1, JENNIFER LOST, to just 99 cents for the month of January, and offering the new work, JENNIFER BOUND, for 99 cents as well.

Here’s a little run-down on the two stories:

In JENNIFER LOST, VILLE D’ESCLAVAGE TALE 1, Jennifer innocently attends a party at the invitation of Andrei Sorin, a man whom she has fantasized about many times. She is stunned to learn the gathering is a dark, strange, erotic gathering and she is frightened, yet curiously and uncontrollably aroused to find herself at Andrei’s mercy, displayed like a trophy for others to see, unable to resist his desires.

In JENNIFER BOUND, VILLE D'ESCLAVAGE TALE 2, she finds herself pursued by two men, each who wants to make Jennifer his own. Andrei’s gentle yet forceful manner touches Jennifer’s heart while exploring a part of her sensuality she never knew existed. Zane White, on the other hand, is more forceful, almost brutal, yet he seems to know exactly how to turn her into a blubbering, pleading slave who can’t get enough.

Those who have read Tale 1 call it “Hot,” “Exciting,” “Captivating” and just plain “Sexy.”

I hope you download and enjoy the tales – who knows, there might even be an idea or two for your own playtime in the stories.

JENNIFER LOST and JENNIFER BOUND, just 99 cents each.

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