Monday, April 7, 2014

Three free stories and a free collection!

Merry Monday to you.

It's rainy, foggy and cool in my little part of the world today – but that's okay, I enjoy this type of weather.

I hope your week is off to a great start! Of course, I know Monday's can be a little on the difficult side, so to ease your transition into the new week, I'm bringing you a list of erotica and sensual ebooks that you can download from Amazon today absolutely free!

Maybe this'll give you something to look forward to at the end of the long workday, or maybe a few of these tales will serve as your afternoon entertainment. Maybe you can save them for later in the week – it's up to you!

For now, just download and enjoy as you see fit.

Deep Throat Bondage (Taken by the Craigslist Lover) by Mary Beth Fisting (wow, what a name!). Meghann is a typical woman – after 15 years of marriage, an absentee husband more caught up in work than home, two kids who keep her running, she's looking for something different. An adventure. Mystery. Passion. That's when she meets her Craigslist lover, a man she knows only as Jasper, someone she befriends online, shares fantasies with, then agrees to a hotel rendezvous to act out one of their common fantasies. Soon enough she's bound and helpless, and that's when she discovers what Jasper really had in store for her.

Teach Me Something New, Part 1 by Summer Olsen. Lucy Montgomery has never met a line she wouldn’t cross. Raised by activist parents, Lucy grew up challenging authority. Now 22, she ends up taking a course by Professor Ryan Sherwood, a man whose authority and take-charge style intrigues her. Aroused by the hint of steel in Professor Sherwood’s eyes, the subtle command in his voice, and the fetish magazines hidden in his desk, Lucy embarks on an exercise in her deepest, darkest desires with the masterful Professor as her willing teacher.

No Panties Friday by Sean H. Robertson. No the best underwear! This romantic erotica collection consists of six fiery hot novellas all wrapped into one steamy 45,000 collection for your enjoyment.

Tied and Taken: A Story of Bondage, Sex, and Erotic Desire by Cassie Kincaid

When she was younger Amanda had often fantasized, wondered what it would be like to be taken, against her will, bound and violated by multiple men. She grew older, lost her boyfriend, then lost whatever sense of adventure she had as work and grown-up responsibilities crowded her life.

Then it happened. One night, after leaving work late, she found herself taken, drugged and swept off the street as she walked to her car. Later she woke – bound, gagged and blindfolded, men taking the clothes from her body, kissing, touching….

Wow, that's quite a collection of stories that are all FREE today, so check them out.

And authors, don't forget, I'll feature your FREE work here on Mondays, at no cost to you. Just send your book title, author name, Amazon link, and a really brief synopsis, along with the Monday it will be free, to

And thanks for stopping by!

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